I explored an abandoned house from the 80s

I was walking with my boyfriend around town and we stumbled across an abandoned house probably from the 80s which was quite easy to get into so we did. Upon entering we noticed it was half empty but not exactly destroyed like most abandoned places, just the usual from sitting there without anyone to look after it for years. As we started to explore we saw some family portraits and figured out who lived there: a man, his wife and two daughters, one around 7 and another around 15, it felt like they had just vanished, lots of personal items left behind like photo albums, clothes and toys. It was a three floor house, the ground floor, one above and one below. There were stairs connecting the ground floor to the upper, the ground floor to the lower and the upper floor directly to the lower. Forward with the exploration we started getting an eerie feeling from seeing everything frozen in time and noticed some notes about the family along with memorabilia left by someone. As we descended to the lower floor, which wasnt an enclosed basement but a room that opened to a yard and a shed. In this shed we saw a man who we realized was the father very Steve Jobslike, in his 50s, talking about his late wife who had passed from a disease. His daughters were also gone not known if also dead but we couldnt figure exactly why and this house was set up by this man to function as an art installationmemorial to honor and tell the story of his family. After the man finished his 'performance' we saw an abandoned school this one really derelict right next to the house and decided to continue the exploration however I woke up soon after.

Dreams are subjective and can have multiple interpretations depending on the dreamer's personal experiences and emotions. However, here's one possible interpretation of your dream:Walking around town with your boyfriend might symbolize your journey together, exploring new territories and experiences in your relationship. The abandoned house from the 80s might reflect your subconscious mind bringing up old memories or past experiences. This might not necessarily be from the 80s, but could represent an unresolved issue from the past or a fear of abandonment. Entering the house and seeing family portraits and personal items could indicate your curiosity or desire to understand more about relationships and family dynamics, perhaps mirroring your own experiences or fears. The man, his late wife, and their daughters could represent different aspects of your own personality or life experiences. The three floors might symbolize different levels of consciousness or aspects of your life: the upper floor could represent your higher aspirations or spiritual self, the ground floor your conscious, waking life, and the lower floor your subconscious or repressed emotions. The direct connection between the upper and lower floors could mean that you are in touch with both your higher aspirations and your deeper subconscious emotions. The man in the shed could symbolize a part of you that is grieving or dealing with loss. It could also symbolize a fear of loss or abandonment. The house being set up as an art installation/memorial might represent your desire to honor and remember the past, or it could represent a fear of being forgotten. The abandoned school could symbolize a fear of neglect or abandonment, or it could represent past experiences or feelings related to education, growth, or childhood. The fact that you woke up before exploring the school might indicate that there's more for you to uncover about these past experiences or feelings. Remember, it's important to relate the dream symbols to your own life for a more accurate interpretation. It's also recommended to discuss such dreams with a professional psychologist if they cause distress or anxiety.

This dream is rich with symbolism and can offer some positive insights for your life. 1. **Exploring the Unknown:** Walking around town with your boyfriend and stumbling upon an abandoned house symbolizes your shared journey through life. This suggests that you are ready to face the unknown and are open to new experiences. It encourages you to embrace the spirit of adventure and curiosity in your relationship and life. 2. **Appreciating the Past:** The abandoned house from the 80s represents the past and its influence on the present. It's a reminder to appreciate the history and stories of the past, as they form the foundation of the present. Remember that everyone has a story, and these stories shape our lives in profound ways. 3. **Resilience and Hope:** Despite the house being abandoned and uncared for, it wasn't destroyed. This symbolizes resilience and hope, even in the face of neglect or hardship. It's a reminder that even when things seem bleak, there's always a chance for renewal and growth. 4. **Understanding and Empathy:** Discovering the story of the former inhabitants of the house symbolizes your ability to empathize and understand others' experiences. It's a reminder to always approach people with kindness and understanding, as we never fully know what they might be going through. 5. **Honoring and Remembering:** The father's art installation-memorial for his family is a poignant reminder of the importance of honoring and remembering those we've lost. It's a call to cherish your loved ones and keep their memories alive. 6. **Courage and Adventure:** Your decision to continue exploring the derelict school, despite the eerie feeling, symbolizes your courage and sense of adventure. It's a reminder to face your fears and challenges with bravery, and that doing so can lead to growth and discovery. In conclusion, this dream encourages you to embrace curiosity, empathy, resilience, and courage in your life. It's a reminder to honor the past, cherish the present, and bravely face the future.

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